Why We Are Here

Passionate For Truth - sharing how we learned to stop seizures naturally. Getting to the root of the problem to fully recover seizures, migraines, hormones and more.


Welcome to the Passionate For Truth store, website, facebook page and groups which are all intended to provide information that I've discovered while helping my daughter to recover her vaccine injury and subsequent seizures and health issues. 

If the doctors, medicines and mainstream information that we had access to had worked and had gotten to the root of our problems, we would probably have a much different story.  But as that was not the case for us, and I know has not been for countless others, at our wits end we were forced to take things into our own hands and research for ourselves.  We knew that there had to be other ways that were better and were able provide the permanent health changes that were were desperate for.  Side effects like rashes, brain fog, migraines, liver issues, hormone imbalances and other unacceptable results of things that were just masking symptoms yet creating a storm underneath were no longer welcome in our lives.  The fact that nothing that was getting better became our catalyst for seeking out another way to change, recover and heal. With any condition, if you can get to the root of the problem and turn that around, isn't that better than continuing on just putting a 'band-aid' on things but never fully recovering?

Why Passionate For Truth?

Everything that Passionate For Truth is about all ties together in an overall plan to recover illness and restore health.  From the food we personally eat to the products we use, our overall journey of regaining and restoring health is here for you to partake in.

I personally use, recommend Ona's Natural Progesterone, and sell it exclusively at a discount here at Passionate For Truth because it is one of the major pieces of the protocols that my daughter and I have used to recover from severe, chronic health issues that it and dietary changes have made possible. 

The dietary changes that we, especially my daughter, have made have been nothing short of miraculous as part of an overall recovery protocol and now permanent lifestyle change.  In her healing journey we have both discovered new purpose in our lives to help others who were just like us and desperate to regain good health.  Sinlessly Savory cookbooks are the outpouring of how we have re-captured 'normal' in our lives and enjoy the fruits of our labor by using food as medicine.

Because my daughter's vaccine injury presented itself with seizure activity when she was only four years old, it took years for us to figure out all of the triggers, let alone how much of the seizure activity was actually in tandem with her menstrual cycle as she hit puberty. Our protocols were self-discovered, as at the time there wasn't any information available about most of what she was dealing with, especially Catamenial Seizures. Keep in mind that our journey all started before the advent of the internet and the ease of sharing information!

Regulating, reversing and recovering her seizure activity became the thrust of my intensive research database, and understanding the part that food and hormones play in seizure activity became one of the main focuses of my mission for her recovery journey.

On top of uncovering the various seizure triggers (food being one of the lesser known ones),  understanding the role that estrogen plays in our lives, whether it be in chemicals, foods, medicines, or our environment was a game changer.  The fact that estrogen is excitatory and inflammatory, and progesterone is calming and has an anti-inflammatory affect, is one of the main additional pieces of information that led us to begin working with natural progesterone (no synthetics, all natural, mimicking your own body's progesterone production) to help her reverse and recover her migraine and seizure activity.  Studies have even shown that natural progesterone has an anti-inflammatory effect on people who have suffered strokes or traumatic brain injuries, let alone seizure activity and estrogen dominance symptoms.

At the same time we were working on my daughter's seizure recovery, I was personally dealing with my own health issues; entering menopause, and struggling with anxiety, irritability, heavy bleeding, short cycles, and lack of good sleep developed alongside of the stress of a chronically ill child had taken its toll.  Once we began getting my daughter's health balancing better through her diet changes and using natural progesterone, I started looking at my own health issues and knew that my research had uncovered that the same types of changes, avoiding foods that hurt while concentrating on foods that heal along with natural progesterone, could help with my problems as well.

Upon finding the proper diet and the natural progesterone 'sweet spot' for my daughter, she became, and remains, seizure free for the first time in 18 years!!!!  Low and behold, although many of my thyroid issues, skin and hair issues, and weight struggles had turned a new leaf with all of the dietary changes that I made to 'support' my daughter's recovery, after only 1 month of adding natural progesterone to my own life, my looming and destructive periods were much lighter and returned to a more normal schedule, I began sleeping better, my nerves settled, and I regained some of my 'happy self' from years past!

In researching the best natural progesterone to help my daughter with her seizure recovery, I found Ona's Natural Progesterone to be the one that was not only made of all natural ingredients, combined with Vitamin E for best absorption, and available over the counter without a prescription, but was also the most cost effective.  We were needing to use so much of it to recover our symptoms (hers especially), that it was hard to fill our bodies needs for natural progesterone therapy without wiping our bank account clean!

Ona's Natural Progesterone Cream was created to fill a need, which the creator and many others have. Before starting her company, applying the amount of progesterone cream that she needed daily, just like me and my daughter, was a lot of work, very expensive, messy, and often with many ingredients that were allergenic.

I am not a doctor, but I do have personal experience to share, and a large amount of research available for anyone interested in finding out more for themselves.  I and my daughter, however, personally use natural progesterone, and have for many years now. We are a testament to its ability to re-balance what our foods, chemicals, water, air and society do to create a condition of estrogen dominance in untold numbers of people that leads to many different health issues and conditions such as PCOS, PMS, migraines, seizures, thyroid, auto-immune, inflammatory issues and much more.  

Welcome to our store!  I encourage you to learn more about natural progesterone at this store, dietary and lifestyle changes that recover illness on our website, and glean from the recipes and cookbooks that are now part of our everyday life by visiting and partnering with us here.  Please don't hesitate to contact me for more of our story or any help that I can be to you and your recovery!