Seizure Recovery Thyroid Protocol Consultation

Seizure Recovery Thyroid Protocol Consultation

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Inadequate thyroid function can be directly related to your seizure threshold and seizure activity. 

Seizures are recognized as a common symptom of inadequate thyroid function, and many of the things that contribute to and/or cause thyroid insufficiency can also be connected to seizures.  It is important to understand that many of the standard treatments for thyroid insufficiency as well as for seizure activity are not as effective as we would like in completely recovering the underlying issues. 

The Seizure Recovery Thyroid Protocol Consultation is designed to give you a big picture of how your thyroid connects to the rest of your body, how all of those pieces relate to seizure activity, to arm you with vital information and guide you in what you can do about recovering seizures as naturally as possible.


Your thyroid is one of the most influential organs in your body. The butterfly-shaped gland in your neck produces hormones that regulate metabolism—how your cells convert nutrients into and use energy—and ultimately keeps all the systems in your body in line and functioning properly. If your thyroid levels are off—either overactive and releasing too many hormones or under-active and releasing too few hormones—it can lead to a host of symptoms. But thyroid problems can be tricky to spot, which is why a majority of those with thyroid disease aren't aware of their condition.

“It can be challenging to diagnose because no two people have the same two sets of symptoms,” says Anne Cappola, MD, professor of medicine in the division of endocrinology, diabetes, and metabolism at the University of Pennsylvania.

According to Lita Lee, PhD, chemist and enzyme nutritionist (among others), there are no accurate medical tests for thyroid function.  A person may have their personal normal levels of thyroxine (T4), but not be converting it adequately into the active form of the thyroid hormone (T3).  No need to worry, as there are other methods available to adequately monitor your thyroid function.


In my own life, after many, many years of traditional thyroid testing and treatment, I discovered that the assessment of several medical practitioners, scientific professionals, as well as the discoveries of others with whom I have worked who specialize in thyroid recovery and maintenance, concur that there are signs to watch for, ways to recover thyroid insufficiency, as well as ways of evaluating your thyroid function aside from the typical blood tests most often described.

A Seizure Recovery Thyroid Protocol Consultation is a one hour meeting designed to discuss the details of how to recognize thyroid issues and how it affects your seizure threshold. 

Included in this consultation, you will receive detailed information, lists, and tools in a protocol that will include the many facets that there are to help your thyroid recover or function optimally in a safe, nutritional way.  You will learn how to monitor your thyroid function, as well as understand how it affects your seizure threshold.  This information and protocol may also be a key step in overall seizure recovery.  

Years of research and years of practicum in personally recovering thyroid illness and it's effect on overall wellness including but not limited to female issues like estrogen dominance, migraines, seizures, and more has led to the creation of this in- depth protocol that will give you the understanding and provide you with tools to help you to improve, nourish and support your normal body function and structure at it's core. 

The tangled web of information for good health can be daunting.  Join me - Learn the tips that are not easily available to uncover, and understand the details of how your thyroid supports your entire body, how it interacts with a host of issues, and how you can help your body to overcome its health struggles from the root up.

Schedule your Seizure Recovery Thyroid Protocol Consultation and begin your journey of hope in health.

I look forward to sharing with you what took me a decade to uncover and piece together!


Rachelle Burke

B.A. Psychology, A.A. Theology,  State Certified K-12 Teacher, Certificate in Nutritional Leadership, DUTCH Test Consultant, Researcher, Writer, Health Advocate, Child Advocate



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